Lizzie Holmes


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With a fine young cast... the riotous first half is still followed by a second of unremitting tragedy
— The Times (La Bohème) ★★★★
Patrick Hawes (former composer-in-residence at Classic FM) creates a sound world that is achingly beautiful and very moving...As theatrical as it is inspiring.

With 160 children on and off the stage, this could be chaos, but it isn’t. It’s wonderful.
— Eastern Daily Press (A King's Ransom)

Debut Treehouse Classical Concert Series with pianist Ben Lewis-Smith

Sensitively portrayed & well-focused.
— Sunday Express ★★★★ (La Bohème)

With Elspeth Wilkes, piano & William Rudge, cello. New English Libretto by Adam Spreadbury-Maher & Becca Marriott. 

Lizzie Holmes’ Mimi is enchanting, her broad infectious smile and creamy soprano making the final revelation all the more shocking.
One of the most compelling and poignant ends to a Boheme I have witnessed.
— Planet Hugill (La Bohème) ★★★★
Holmes makes a fabulous Poppea: playful, but brimming with erotic power. In a magnetic performance, Holmes explored Poppea’s fears and hopes with charismatic flair
— Bachtrack (The Coronation of Poppea) ★★★★
Recorded live with pianist Chad Vindin

The Phantom of the Opera

Her Majesty's Theatre, West End

2014 - 2016



Time lapse of Lizzie Holmes becoming Madame Giry at Her Majesty's Theatre where Phantom of the Opera has been playing for over 30 years. Lizzie was 1st cover Madame Giry from 2015-2016 and performed the role over 80 times.

Royal College of Music, London

Masters of Vocal Performance, Distinction 2012 - 2014

An especially striking scene was the performance of Claude Debussy’s carousel song ‘Chevaux de bois’ [sung by Lizzie Holmes] in the vocal class
— Bachtrack (Journeying Boys) ★★★★

From Tom Cipullo's song cycle Of A Certain Age. Recorded live in concert at the RCM: Lizzie Holmes soprano & Jo Ramadan pianist 



The unexpected delight of this evening was the sheer quality of these short works, musically, visually and dramatically: each distinctly different, but all full of excellence and imagination
— Bachtrack (Hogarth's Stages - The Serpentine) ★★★★★

Watch Now: Hogarth's stages - The Serpentine

Watch Hogarth's Stages - The Serpentine: Peter Aisher & Lizzie Holmes

A very effective piece, if disturbing, and made more enjoyable by Lizzie Holmes’ performance as the priggish heroine Ida.
— Classical Source (Hogarth's Stages - The Serpentine)
Completely Enchanting
— Classical Source (L'enfant et les sortilèges)

curious directive

Multi-Award Winning British Theatre Company


curious directive are a multi-award winning British Theatre company led by director Jack Lowe, founded in 2008. Productions are devised and written by members of the ensemble and scientists and explore life through the lens of science using cameras, projection, live music and movement.

Supremely imaginative
— The Telegraph (YOUR LAST BREATH) ★★★★

Lizzie was an original member of curious directive from 2008 - 2012, which came out of The University of Warwick. She devised and performed in Return to the Silence, Your Last Breath and Le Corps Perdu for the Edinburgh International Science Festival as well as helping with R&D for Exoplanets at Latitude Festival. 

Trailer for Return to the Silence (Sue McHugh)at the VAULTS, London

Connections of many different kinds lie at the heart of this rigorous, inventive and intelligent show from the bright young company Curious Directive
— Lyn Gardner, The Guardian ★★★★
Powerful…a dramatic pleasure
— Time Out ★★★★